I__'m working on a scene in which the major setting is a barren moon-like planet. So far I am comfortable with the shape of the landscape, which is made of a very large number of polygons, with a combination of mesh “noise” and material displacement. My computer renders well, but I’d not like to render this more than I have to, so I wanted to make sure my texturing and lighting don’t excessively suck before I continue. I need a better background too. Anyway, here is the image:
What does anyone think?

The rock shadows are too sharp. Actually I don’t know how to fix it, aswell. Looks very promising. As a tip I could tell you to place the camera a bit lower, almost in the ground, so you can’t see the end of the plane so next to you.

I think on an airless world the shadows are going to be very harsh.

Good start. The shadows are okay. However, the material of the landscpape and rocks is too smooth and therefore looks too artificial. Try a small scale normal map to improve it. Maybe subtle colors work well also.

Looks cool, but the landscape is a bit too even. It needs some big craters. But it’s a great start!

Thanks for the comments, Yetzero, sornen, Usagi, and 4Daniel,
Yeah, the sharp shadows were intentional, but I’m not thrilled with the landscape either… is this one better?
I will put rocks back in it later.

how about using the first landscape, then in the far distance putting the mountians of the second landscape.
the first on is too flat, the second is too sloping, together they will be fine
good luck, nice work

kinda looks like a white sheet draped over a dinner table, but its kool anyway.


I second that. Additionally, add the small scale normal map to the first landscape as I suggested. :slight_smile:

The second image looks like White Sands Missle Range and White Sands National Park here in New Mexico. I third putting the second in the back and first in the front.