Dope Sheet and NLA help please

I’ve been trying to learn the dope sheet & NLA and have managed to create some action sequences in the dope sheet and played 3 of them back to back in the NLA.

I’m trying to review one of my actions (not one of the 3 used in the NLA) in the dope sheet now before I create another action from it. When I play back the action the model in the scene is performing the animations from the 3 actions in the NLA. So I delete the 3 motions in the NLA and I still can’t play the action I’m looking at in the dope sheet.

There seems to be a few things with these pages I’m not getting. :confused:

Nevermind, I’ve got it figured out. The thing I wasn’t getting was that I was accidentally adding actions for objects in the scene when I really only wanted to add actions for my armature. I read on another thread here the way to delete actions for objects was to have the object selected in the scene and delete an action by holding shift down while clicking on the X icon next to the action name. So nice to get it working again :slight_smile:

Thanks anyways…