Dopesheet how to manage animated materials ?.

Well i posted it under materials/textures earlier but I should have posted it here

I got some cycles node setups, that change during the animation (i animated shader / color mix nodes)
Those materials are put in a lot of objects.

When i animate the cycles nodes, all affected objects get into the DopeSheet.
I think this is wrong, or my view on the dopesheet is wrong, changing 1 material changes 50 objects in the dopesheet. How can i see just one material update in the dopesheet.
There is no relation as to what objects a material belongs to, so why show it like that in the dopesheet).

So my question is do i do something wrong that i see all the affected objects in the dopesheet ?
Is there a way to only show a cycles material (without an object parent)
Or is this a bug or area that could be improved.

(i’m aware that there is a filter to exclude materials and to exclude nodes), but i’d rather like the opposite a way to inlcude only materials. (that would mean only 1 row in dopesheet, instead 50 rows now.)