Dopesheet: How to move multiple keyframes at once?

So basically, i have a scene with some particle effects snow animation in it. I had the scene starting at frame 200 in order that the particles could use that time to filter down through the scene. However turns out when the particle settings were adjusted, to look like snow, its not enough. I need to move ALL keypoints in the dopesheet forward 100 frames, but i cant find a way for it to let me. I can press A to select them all, but theres no way to move them all at once, it seems.

once they are selected press g to move, if you want to move them 100 frames later, press g then type 100, this will move 100 frames. then press enter

Make sure your mouse is hovering over that panel aswell.

edit: when in doubt, try the hotkeys from the main viewport in other panels… g is usually move, r is usually rotate, s is usually scale … in the dope sheet, both g and s work fine… (the scale pivot is from the current time, which is super useful)

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A (select all)
G, 100, enter (grab and move keys 100 frames to the left)

Ahh the G key! Yeah I should have tried that i guess, but i was under the false impression that only worked in the 3D viewport. Well, now i know!