Dorien's Sketchbook

Hey all. This is my sketch book!

Here’s the thumbnail:

Honestly, I’m very much in the still-learning stage so some of the work featured here may end up in a WIP thread somewhere. You’ll also see a lot of things that obviously came off a BGuru tutorial.

I kind of shoot for a minimalist render on most projects - simple colors and little to no post. This may change as I get into character animation, but for now it’s how I prefer to work and see what results I can get.

This is bourbon. Background plane image is the light, rendered in Cycles.
No, there is not too much bourbon.

This is a piece I did after I got done fully modeling that Colt you see there.
The 1911 has always had an appeal to me, no matter how anachronistic its mechanisms are, so I modeled one in full - on the right hand gun, you’ll see the button for the clip release actually has individually extruded bumps.
The grips are from and have displacement on them.
The lack of metal texture isn’t for artistic effect - it’s because unwrapping those mothers is too much for my little mind to handle right now.
There are definitely things that could be fixed and I’ll probably redo a good 80% of those meshes from what I’ve learned since starting the project.

Tell me what you think! Harsher critiques I’d prefer to see when I post in the WIP threads, but, eh, freedom of speech, dammit!

Nice models! I’m assuming this one done in blender internal? They composition and material could use some lovin’ but i like your gun model. Very detailed. :slight_smile:

Ya. All BI on the book cover. The others were Cycles.

The gun model took me a couple of weeks to get right - but every individual detail on the frame and slide was done by hand. The only texturing is in the grips (the BI renders have some procedurals applied to them).

The layout could also use some help, but pretty okay for a first go at a book cover, or a full-on scene.

My first and only attempt at arch viz.
Several factors add to its wonk: the background texture outside the window was probably a couple hundred pixels by a couple hundred pixels, some of the texturing is off, and this is modeled after a page I took out of a modern decor catalogue - the friggin’ photo looked fake. The assets are overall kind of neat (even though the chairs kind of inspire thoughts of suicide - I mean, really?) and I could probably do better now. In the original BI render (this thing is pre-Cycles), I used ray shadow and got pretty much the exact same results.

This was my custom coffee thermos on Valentine’s Day.
Some people thought I was moping (weird) but most liked the joke and the look of the heart.
B.Internal, and I think I used a specular toon shader on the heart to give it that glossy look. The lighting setup was something I rabidly fiddled with until it looked okay.

I don’t like lighting.

This was a piece I made for my sister for her eighteenth birthday - she’s a hipsterette so she could jive with personally made and printed artwork.
It needs help, but the pluses are the overall warm color tones come off well, and the overall image is fairly decent. The texturing needs help and the lighting is probably terrible.
I ripped that photo of the Eiffel tower off from somewhere and I don’t remember.
I may revisit this one.

impressive bourbon and guns! very photorealistic to my eyes. lovely indeed.

Hey, thank you! I really put my heart into those two renderings.

I think you could make your scenes wayyyyy better if you used cycles. Converting your old scenes into cycles is easy as well. Good work though.

Haha, thank you! Most of these are cycles, save the book cover and the heart.

I’m weary of confronting Cycles because nodes cause me some confusion. =\

Props to Jonathan Williams!
I became a Citizen to do this tutorial and got through all the modeling and texturing steps. Unfortunately, I’m not too good at weight painting, somewhere between Pollock and an inverted ceiling fan, and my mastery of geometry is a little shady to begin with, so have stopped on this particular project.

Throw some crits my way! I took a few liberties with Kara (call it artistic license), but for the most part tried to get very close to what Jonathan was doing.

This is a really hi-res render because I’m still blown away by the straight procedural textures here - the only texture that’s not is the ham-fisted one for her skin.

Your pouring liquid image, in my opinion, looks much better than the one in the tutorial.

Hey! Awesome! Thank you.

Tastes better, too.

I volunteered to help Robert Banks on his steampunk movie, and opted to do the gas masks since I really wanted to do one anyway.

Textures are all procedural, no post, BI.

Probably about a billion polys.

It’s supposed to be intimidating (because gas masks are normally signs of friendship and mutual cooperation), so I fiddled around with the textures until they kind of bled together. The intense specular highlights are on purpose (so he says!) to make the thing harder to look at, while those dead eyes are devoid of soul. There’s a setting I forget the name of that fuzzes the texture out on a ramp at the edges of the mesh, so that’s on. Back’s got BDSM buckles on it, because this one was supposed to be WWII-era German fascism. Lit with one irritating sun lamp.

Thing is so battered you’d probably pick it up at an estate sale for like… eight bucks… with bits of teeth and hair still stuck in:

Awesome guns, even without the textures. The wood textures in your Eifel Tower picture could use work, but even I know how hard that is XD