Dorimund the Flower

Finally a somewhat finished character :smiley:

Short animation:
edit: it’s 780 kB, XviD encoded by the way.

That’s really good! I love the texturing of the petals.

Just a couple of things:

Especially when the plant looks up, it seems overexposed - I think there’s too much specular shading.

When making animations (or films of any kind) it’s usual to give the character what’s known as “looking room”. This means that if the character is looking towards the left of the screen, the character is actually situated at the right of the frame of view, so you can actually see more ‘blank space’ in the direction it’s looking. It helps it to not be claustrophobic when watching. Mostly you did this, but towards the end, after the flower jumps, you lose the looking room.

Very well done. The animation is great, I can’t find anything too bad. The main thing is the really bright lighting from the top, but I understand it’s just a test animation :slight_smile:

pofo is back! (or was i just too busy and you were always here >_< )

really love the contrast and the texturing on the petals is just suave 8)

The bottom part of him though, i must admit maybe has a bit of a drop in detail, but it doesnt take away from the overall image image.

man, one of those things i’d love to have as a vertical canvas on my wall.

Peace out!

xarton: You’re right about the specularity of course, I’m surprised I didn’t think of it. (I’t was ok in the stills, but then I had to change a lot of stuff so that the animation wouldn’t take a week to render.) You’re also right about the looking space thingy, the camera movement was a hasty bit of business that I’ve since fixed up a bit.
LohnC: I’ve kept a very low profile lately (all work and no play) so you’re by all means excused for not noticing me the few times I’ve posted. I probably did get a bit bored with texturing as I got further down, wanted to get to animating which is the area where I feel I need the most practice (although texturing comes in as a strong second on that list).
Will try to have an update up relatively soon.

edit: ok, here’s a sort of update: though, I sort of think the first one is better. Perhaps I went too low on the specularity instead, it looked good on the higher resolution still renders but it doesn’t work so well animated. So I’ll redo that again.