Dorm room

Hello everyone!

After about 2 years of break from graphic software thingies (and about 5 years since my first and last post here! :open_mouth: ) I decided to restart with Blender by making what is closest to me - the room I’m actually at :smiley: I know it can’t hold up much to most of other works that are posted here, but it’s something!

And this is how the room actualy looks like:

I know that much more could be done there, but oh well… :smiley:


Why did you left ?

Although I’ve been always interested in some artistic things, especially 3D and game design (first touched blender in 2012 or so), somehow other things have always come first in my life - jobs that are completely different and doesn’t leave much energy to this at the end of the day , leaving this to be only a hobby that I get to quite irregularry.
Now, I recently moved to other city, so while I’m jobless I have some more time on my hands. Hopefuly the next job wont be so draining or will be something related to graphic things. Or maybe I should finally go for higher education?
The other thing is that I also just recently got somewhat decent laptop and doing these things aren’t such a pain in the ass :smiley:

Or maybe it’s all just big excuse for being lazy and not pursuing these interests?
Damn, this came out longer than I thought :smiley:

So. Welcome back. Hope we ll see you here during your transition time and after.

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