not enough evil villain invading the new BG contest…

Dormammu from Marvel comic, Lord of dark dimension

most recent…


Great start!

Yep ! Very good job !

I look forward to see more details :slight_smile:

finish up with the arms and hand

the head will be hard…

Yep good luck for the head ^^

When I compare with the Dormammu, I think your model is too slim.

well, get the pose done(somewhat). Now how do I bring fire to cycle…???

Not sure if the smoke simulation is part of the volumetric rendering recently added to cycles. So you may have to patch something together by mixing cycles and the internal renderer.

Make the upper body bigger and fine tuning the detail, before I set him a blaze!!

fire take 1

add color to it

and the head, might change it a little

It looks good. The purple flame is cool. Maybe the belt could have some rework if I compare it to the pictures I saw on google.

awesome!!! and very close to the original.

corners you could round off (and maybe you’re already aware of):

  • visibilty of the head in the flame
  • definition of the fingers (too claw-like)
  • shoulder armors’ reflection at the neck-part and proportions of rear spikes (originally the rear spikes are bigger)
  • folding of the cape

but it’s already a real burner at this stage and all points above could be neglected regarding artistic freedom.

okay, I am back with more

wow really cool need only textures and will be really great