DORUmon 2.0

Claypottergirl here again.

I gave up on the DORUmon I was making earlier and made another one based on the comments I received. Here’s the reference pic again:

I started with a cube, changed into a sphere, to make the head. Then I made the body from a cylinder. The feet are also cylinders; I’ve developed my own method of making feet this way. There are some weird things. I don’t like the forepaws, for one. But I like the way it’s turning out so far. Thank you for your tips.

What’s missing:

  • Claws on forepaws
  • “Wings”
  • Eyes (not completed)

I know the render lighting’s bad. I’m not good with lamps yet.


thats well on its way then… i would like to see a cell shader styled render - if you make a good texture for it and then select shadeless in the shading buttons window for that materal, you’ll have no light based effects. instant easy celshading… perhaps using a ramp shader with imput from a lamps vector might get you a cool looking celshading shadow…
your drawing has different heels to the model, the model looks a little dumpy and human like at the ankle, but the drawing shows a proper raised joint like any quadruped animal…
thats really the only thing i can think of other than what you’ve got…

Thank you! Yes, I thought the legs looked funny. I’ll have to fix that.

A definite improvement to the old version. Pay attention to the model details. Some parts are off. For example the mouth. The mouth corners end under the middle of the eye. Perspective is tricky if you use a 3/4 image as reference but with a keen eye you can filter such details out ( and I can sing you a story in terms of working with 3/4 images to get details out with my shield liger model ). Same goes for the upper leg. It’s too short. The knee caps are further away from the body. This also makes the heel shorter. Currently it’s too long. So in general just shorten the heel and add the shortened length to the upper leg and you should be all set. The rest seems fine.

Okay, I made some of the changes you mentioned. I wasn’t sure how to fix the head I had, so I made a new one (the same way). Does the model look better? I am still experimenting with this kind of modeling. (Yeah, the front legs are still bad.)