dose my mesh is correct

i start modeling a stove
but i got allot of faces there just to achieve a good result

am i doing right ?
dose my topology correct ?
or do i need to use some other technique ?

see attached blend file


stove_001.blend (279 KB)

I don’t see any problems…it is rather high poly, but if it is meant to be seen close up, this looks good to me.

yes its high poly can i achieve same result with low poly
how do i need to change the topology ?

Only thing I would suggest would be to start with a circle with fewer vertices’s. As NOOBIE mentioned, it is rather high poly for the form needed.


you could try something like this


Modron - nice example of using “diamonds” to increase/decrease mesh resolution.

modern i like this there is an easy way to do so ?

i didnt recreate it
just did some twiking and move down to 16 vertics in a circle (i will get board retwick it again :))

well i think pappy is right about 6 vertics per circle
since i am using subserf level to

twick it again to 8 :slight_smile:


stove_001_test.blend (208 KB)

some of the edges are too sharp for a real stove but it’s looking anyway

usually a good bevel would make it more realist i guess

but it’s up to you !

what kind of stove is it electric or gas
certainly not a ceramique one !

happy blendering

your latest looks really good, shay. you have controlled the subsurf perfecly with the edge loops to get nice rounded edges.

keep us posted. we can put it in the household objects library!

can you show me where thous sharp edges are ?

its an gas stove , made from one reference images i will post the update and the reference image very soon

what is ceramique stove ?

hey steeve thank you
i will publish the rest soon

just where is this household objects library ? :slight_smile:

it’s only a samll detail but look at the edge between bottom and top
this is very shallow and usually more curvy then you’v shown
but it’s difficult to see
steel cannot be bent at 90 degrees unless welded and even that will give a curve corner !
see pic

the mesh is good enough to use like that

hope it helps

well thous narrow loop cuts are used to make the subserf NOT to round
please delete the inner loop cut
turn on subserf and see what will happened
the angle of the inner step become to round .
hope i understand u right

when are you adding the other detials to the stove

should look very nice with subsurf


thanks richard :slight_smile:
i will post updated today
i am working on material right now
using yafaray

Thanks i got one avatar made
it’s a bulock

look small a little but not that bad i guess

i wish it was 128 x 128

when are you going to have most of your stove done

i eman are you going to incldue some LEd like i did for microwave
like and electronic control for you stove or just go with old style stove


just where is this household objects library ?

actually i don’t know. there may be one somewhere, but maybe we should start one?

well there is a site for 3D blender objects
where you could add some kitchen objects
at this site there is already some kitchen hardware if i remember well

but i did not use it for a while and i have to find where it is !


maybe this is it ricky?

it is a very nice site. perhaps it is also possible to upload models