dot left hanging in space

After I delete objects, there sometimes appears to be a dot left hanging in space. How do I get rid of this? I have much difficulty doing so. Much thanks. :confused:

if you delete an object while in edit mode, then the median point of that object is still there. to get rid of it you must delete the object while in object mode.

When you want to delete an object, you must be in Object Mode. When you are in Edit Mode, deleting leaves the object; it just deletes the geometry.

Oh, thank you. That is simple.

Is there a purpose to that, or is it a bug?

It’s on purpose. Sometimes you don’t want to use any predefined mesh but create your own mesh from scratch. You do this by adding a predefined mesh from the menu, then deleting all of its geometry before adding new vertices.

I always figured this had more to do with the Blender database. When you add an object that creates a data block. The verts are just data in the block. So deleting the verts in edit clears the data but does not remove the data block. Deleting the actual object clears the data block from the database. I could be wrong. Never looked at the code and don’t care to.

DichotomyMatt, you’re right, but the object also has other uses in the game engine and animation. You can also use it to position the entire object, which can come in handy when doing architectural work. From a non-programmer standpoint, the pink dot is the location of the object, all those little dots are the positions of the vertices that make up the mesh. Deleting the verts clears the vertices data, but doesn’t clear the object data.

emesee, the distinction between object mode and edit mode, the object and the mesh, is an important one in blender.