Dotted Crosshairs in Viewport

I’m in Object Mode, Solid view in the Viewport, and I have a dotted crosshair that stretches from left-to-right, top-to-bottom on the Viewport. I also had relationship lines, but found out about them and turned them off in the Viewport overlays settings… however nothing else there seems to address these “centering” crosshairs. Where would I find a toggle to turn them off?

Hopefully they show up on the donut icing in the attached screen capture…

Thanks, John

Good evening, @JVH211! There may be a couple of things going on. The dotted lines you have appear to be the Center Composition Guides. You can turn them on and off in your camera properties. See the link to the manual page for the guides below.

The second thing that I think is happening is that you have the Lock Camera to View setting turned on in the sidebar of the 3D Viewport. This makes your scene camera stick to the movements you make to the view in the 3D Viewport. To access that setting, with your mouse cursor in the 3D Viewport press N to open the sidebar. You can check or uncheck the Lock Camera to View setting there. Seen the link to the manual page for the Sidebar below.

If any of those things don’t fix your issue, please let us know!

Composition Guides manual page:


Thanks, the camera setting did the trick! The Lock Camera to View was intentional (I’m doing the Ble3nder Guru donut tutorial and it was suggested).


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You’re welcome! Glad I could help!