Dotted/striped wireframe


I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to make dotted or striped lines in a wireframe. the Idea is something like this;

Anyone? =/

I don’t think there is a button that you can press, but I would imagine that it would be possible by giving the ‘wire’ material a texture with a varying Alpha value. Try making an image of a grid of a wire grid and mapping it as an alpha texture to the wire material.

  1. I know how to get hidden line removal - use a white shadeless material with edge turned on.
  2. I know to create a duplicate linked scene so that I can change the material of the scene to render the wireframe.
  3. With those two images coming into the compositor via two renderlayer nodes, I should be able to subtract one from another and get only the hidden lines.
  4. I could then apply a texture to that result to dash it, and then
  5. add that back to the hidden line image to get the image you desire.

I have to go to lunch now but I am sure some brave compositing soul can show you the noodle to do this.