double bladed sword/lance

ok guys i m in progress of making a double bladed sword/lance but i have ran into a snag :no:
the blades on either end are not the color i want them. any advice. and i will post the first stage of the beast (that is what i am calling it). oh and i am looking for some people interested in building a really big spaceship x20.00y20.00z15.00 that is the dimensions anyone want to take this on with me?

  1. are you familiar with material indices and how to make them? if not check it out in the docs. 2) might it be a normals issue? if the faces are black it’s probably a normals issue. ( select all in edit mode and hit ctrl N )

well i was about to post a picture of what i mean and see what you can make of it. sorry i was a little vague what i mean the two blades i want to be silver and the hilt a gold, wood brown and black. if i cant do it i can always over lay the areas with other objects and work out from the middle. its one object i can make everything from a cube

thank you so much!!!