double bladed sword with scene

been working on this for about 2 hrs. would like any coments. i know the textures/materials suck ass, they are just placeholders until i can do them properly.

C+C appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.


no replies or crits?:frowning:

Looks fine to me. Good work :wink:
But one little thing, lowest blade of the two looks a bit strange… Like it’s one half. The other half is hard to see…

yes… maybe you post an image where the sword is bigger but seems nice

How did you texture it? and I agree, can you give a larger rend please?

Thanks for the replies. I havnt had time to work on it as i have about 3 projects on at the same time. for the gold texture i used the 1 off the noob to pro tut. for the metal i just played about with ray-mir. and the gems are a light blue on .7 alpha with a white clour texture. heres the bigger image you asked for.

Edit: sorry bout the picture im tired:)


I think the gold texture needs changing (sorry).

Wheres the bigger image?

Looks good… With a nice figure and an impressive background it would look really cool :smiley: but it will get more impressive when you work slowly

so what’s up with the texas shaped blood puddle? lol. looks good, but I think the reason the blade was hard to see in the earlier images was that the blade lined up with the corner of the room, I would pan the camera a bit. Nice though.