Double clic solved

Hi everyone,

I’ve browsed the forum searching for a solution but I don’t really know how to do a script that detect if there is a double mouse click.

Any idea ?

You could probably set up a mouse sensor so that it set a timer property to 0. If that same property is less than a certain value when the mouse is clicked again, it’s a double-click. Lemme try and whip up a sample blend.

I see what you want to say and thank to reply, but how do I trigger this timer ? How we make a timer ? Is this delay sensor ? I don’t understand how to use it.

Here’s my blend that I’m working on :

controls :
wasd : move
left mouse : left hand
right mouse : right hand
space : move hand

you can catch object, clicking left or right and space
and drop them, releasing left or right

I would like if I can detect if the player make a double click, for throwing objects

Okay, I’ve got something. I don’t really sure where I am going with this script but it’s look like a double clic to me.

Here’s my blend [:](file:///D:/Projet/pain%20day/engine/doubleclic.blend)

Any suggestions about it ?