Double click to select edge loop, when?

It seems like I can’t double click an edge to select edge loops, or I’m missing something? If yes, sorry about that, if no, why it’s not implemented?
It’s a huge workflow booster imo. :slight_smile:


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Alt+Right click does this already.

If you already knew this, then you don’t want to use the keyboard, is that it?

It’s faster that way. :slight_smile:
Any script around, maybe?

You can do this yourself by setting a custom hotkey:

  • Go into your Blender Prefs
  • Select the Input tab
  • Find “3D View” then “Mesh”

  • Locate “Loop Select”
  • Change the left dropdown box from “Select” to “Action”
  • Change the right dropdown box from “Press” to “Double Click”
  • Uncheck the “Alt” box

Click “Save User Settings” if you want this to be your default.

One catch with this hotkey – you’ll constantly be moving your 3D cursor around because of its single-click hotkey. So you may want to change that hotkey as well.


@benu: Big thanks mate… :slight_smile:
This will help me a lot, because of my “old” workflow (I’m coming from c4d)…

Thanks again…


You can also choose which mouse button for your shortcut. . .:yes:

Thank you.