Double Jump with Character instead of Rigid Body?

First off, apologies if this has already been answered many times - I did search and couldn’t find the answer after 5 minutes.

I know this tutorial explains how to set up a double jump…

However, it doesn’t use the dynamic Character setting. It requires you make your character a rigid body. Anyone know how to set up a double jump while still keeping the Character setting? Thanks!

Looks like the number of jumps can only be set using python via CharacterWrapper.
You would have to to convert your player object to a CharacterWrapper instance.
Create an Always Sensor and name it “Once”.
Attach the Always sensor with “Tab” checked (this executes it only once) to the script below.
In the python controller type “player.init”

Script name:

def init(controller):
    once = controller.sensors["Once"]
    if not once.positive:

     obj = controller.owner
     character = bge.constraints.getCharacter(obj)
     character.maxJumps = 2

(Code not tested)

I have the same double jump problem…
I don’t have CharacterWrapper as an option, or at least, if I do, I don’t know where it is!
@Otto_Lai did you find a solution to the problem keeping the Dynamic setting?