Double layer cloth intersecting

long story short, didnt make my clothes work other than parenting to the rig with auto-weights.
the cloth (the cloak/hoodie thing) has 2 layers (applied solidify mod) because the inside side has different colors than the outside. aaaand the inside layer just clips through the outside one everywhere possible, especially when moving the parts as shown in the screen (excuse the twisted hand)

i tried to turn on cloth mod and self collision, literally made no difference…
is there a way to fix this? or ultimately to have the two sides with different colors without having to do this two layer madness? id love to not have to do this (also because its absolutely uncontrollable with everything doubled), but ill need to have the different colored sides with other flat cloth meshes too.
heres my blend file sorry for external link it was too big even with stuff removed:
theres also its texture packed in the folder

there are at least several ways to fix this:

  1. create a deform cage. It’s a simplified mesh of the character that has all parts inside of it. You put automatic weights on it. and to deform arms and jacket use deform mesh modifier instead of armature modifier (you can set vertex group in armature modifer to still control the face via armature)
    I belive you can download for free Sintel model on blendswap. This character uses this method.
  2. There is a hidden option in weight painting mode called Transfer Weights. With this you can copy weights of one object and paste it to another (for all weights at once). if vertex density of both objects is similar you should get a decent result ( but probably still worse then in the first method.)
  3. You can try your luck with a cloth simultation. Definitely most difficult to set up, but if you do it right you will get the best looking result

oh this is the first time hearing of the 1) method ill try to look into it
2) already tried multiple times and didnt work /at all/
3) nope cloth simulation made no difference either (tried tweaking it for 2-3 days straight) i cant set way too high quality bc itll take million years to do anything at all tho so maybe thats also why but even if i do when i move the model itll go through the cloth especially with pinned areas

id still rather not use two layer cloth tho, is there a way to work around it for the 2 color sides?

you can also try using mask modifier to hide gemotery below the cloth

but the other layer is still the same piece of cloth so i doubt itd work
anyway i just found out about material index offset which is the ultimate solution for my issue i just had to remodel the clothes and now everything works fine ~

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