Double mesh when posing?

Hi Everyone, I modelled a character in Blender recently, while posing the character using metarig I came across some strange behaviour from the character base mesh. It’s like there is another invisible mesh getting rigged to the same but doesn’t show until you start posing the mesh. The character suddenly has 10 fingers on one hand?! I did not model it like that.

Attaching image for reference. Let me know what did I do wrong?

Screenshot 2020-12-15 at 1.39.09 AM

There’s probably two meshes. Like, if you applied a mirror modifier and then made another one and applied it too. They just occupy the exact same positions, so you don’t notice. When I’m scared of that, I just grab a vert and alt s it or something, see if there are other faces behind it.

@bandages Thanks a lot! that indeed had another mesh behind!

@bandages : I have been trying to make it work for the last two hours, I am getting

This error now.
A. I have tried decimating the mesh,
B. I have tried scaling up and down
C. Dissolve by distance for duplicate vertexes.
Nothing worked, When I rig it I just get bone heat weighting failed to find and then nothing is rigged.
Can you help?

It autoweighted before (for your pics), then you did something to fix the duplicated mesh, and now it doesn’t autoweight any more? Then it has something to do with what you did to try to fix the duplicated mesh.

Probably, you created some non-manifold geometry somewhere, which you can find by entering edit, vert mode, and using “select non manifold” operation. All those verts have problems and need to be fixed.

How’d that happen? Probably by a merge by distance, which can be a dangerous operation to use indiscriminately.

If I’m correct, it’ll probably be easiest to roll back to the doubled mesh and figure out a better way to delete those doubled vertices rather than merging by distance.

@bandages Okay so, I think the double mesh was solidify modifier which I applied in the back up as well. When I alt + S, it only selects outer mesh which is what I thought was a double mesh, but now if I rig I am back to where I started, I get ten fingers on one hand when I move it. if I delete the inner mesh and rig parenting doesn’t work.

FUCK! I just figured it out! :smiley: while typing that message, delete the internal mesh not external ! Thanks for all the help! AMAZING HUMAN BEING! :smiley: