double pane glass

Glass is reflective, but I need glass with thickness. I am pretty sure there is a button to turn off the reflection on the side opposite the face’s normal, so the glass will be transparent…

…I guess what I am saying, is it seems if I use two planes , and have reflection and transparency turned on, the glass just becomes a mirror… is there any way to make 2 planes in a row transparent?


check for glass and tranparency for guiding you design in wiki
there are several bariables to be set depending on the resutls you want

I still cant get the glass to have reflections and transparency. If I turn on Zbuffer, its transparent, but there are no reflections. If I turn off Zbuffer, I can turn raymirror all the way down, and it still completely reflects, allowing none of the background image through (yes, I turned raytrans back on). I thought it was because of the double panes, and found the button to turn off the backside, but it still has not done anything for me.

Ive also tried appending sonix car materials glass, and get the same results.


and the tutorial in the wiki is from 2005.

And of course what really is killing me, is it looks perfect in the materials preview window. :S

let see some of what you go right now
and may be we can help
the mirror should work
read caerfully in wiki for glass transparecny
you may have to let go the ztransp and use the real transp panel
but make sur that you have enough depth to allow refraction and reflection in the different layer of glass


On the Render Layer tab (not to be confused with the one on the “Render” tab) there is a button labeled “Sky”. Disabling that buton will allow your Ray Trans objects to be Z Transparent also to the degree that you have the material’s alpha slider lowered.

Rickyblender mentioned depth, a good call one would think.

This test has a single glass material applied to doubled glass, with reflectivity too. Looks ok to me, but maybe I don’t understand your issue.


ok, I went for a walk, got dinner, cooled down, did some more tests

there is something about two unconnected planes infront of each other that cause transparency to fail. Even turning up depth did nothing.

If you note, however, that the city background is not showing through the glass at all.
The black chairs are behind the glass objects. I had to remove a plane for the left object to show transparent
What is showing behind the glass is the world texture I have on an angle map. The city is just a UV mapped tube.

EDIT: traceable was off on the city background material. Problem solved, yay.

You might want to post your test blend.


I got it, thanks. :slight_smile:

you got some wiki doc on this variable “sky”
never saw that one in the Glass transparency tut!


I don’t know if it’s documented anywhere other than here on the forum. I’m not sure if it’s even supposed to work in that manner but it does work. The problem with compositing this wat is that you get the distortions from rendering with ray trans without introducing distortion for any layers in the stack below this layer, which is fine for smaller areas within a render but this looks funky if your raytrans with alpha encompases a large area of the composite. In the latter case some type of pixel displacement mapping is required for the layers in the stack below to keep things from looking awkward. Often you can createa displacement map via one of the passes within your layers but Blender’s “Displace” node scales pixels rather than pushing them in the X & Y directions. Scaled displacement looks ok if it isn’t too heavy, otherwise the illusion falls apart.