double particle system not rendering well

hi all, i did a tree with a particle system, then i did another particle system to make many trees on a plane. now the first particle system is not rendering when i render plane but when i render the tree by itself its ok. can anyone shed some light?

this is what is happening maybe i can explain better:

in the first image the tree with particle system renders well (if i disable render emitter it renders better but to explain i am showing the emitter)

in the second image the particle system is used for the trees but the leaves are not rendering.

should i try to apply the first particle system so maybe it will show in the second? and how will i do it? or is a bug maybe?

Select the leaves on your master tree and make the duplicates real (SHIFT-CTRL-A). Add the leaves to your tree group and now Blender will just see them as a mesh and deploy them as part of the tree. So get happy with the particle count and all other particle properties before you make them real. There will be no more adjustments possible through the particle panel once you make them real.

thanks, i’ll keep that as a last resort, right now i’m looking into the particle instance modifier

test particles.blend (932 KB)

I DID IT, I DID IT!!! :slight_smile:

have a look at the attached blend file. now some fine tuning