Double path length after adding IPOs


I made a scene where the camera moves, but I’d like to make it twice as long. (200 frames instead of 100). Is that easy to do onces I have everything setup (i.e. path + key positions), or do I have to redo everything from scratch?

Thanks for your help.


There may be a quicker way, but you could:

go to the ipo curve editor
select all ipo curves for the camera
press the n key, and key in 200 in the XMAX field

Best of Luck!

click on the key with the squiggly arrow, and you’ll see the ‘map old / map new’ buttons. change ‘map new’ to 200 instead of 100.

OBI_ron: for some reason, when I follow what you say the Z rotation of the camera finnishe s later than the rest (at 100 the camera arrive to the end point, but continues to rotate).

Modron: that’s kool it works fine :slight_smile:


where is the key with the squiggly arrow?

Squiggly button - hit F10 twice.

yocoim, set the Pathlength to 200 in F9, Curve and Surface tab and in the IPO window delete the Speed Curve on the Path.