[Double] Problem with rigging mouth with separate teeth and gums

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Hello everyone!

I’ve a problem with rigging a mouth with separate teeth and gums.

In short:
The lower teeth and gums won’t stay “connected” with the mandible and start to split up and moving “slower” than the jaw. :confused:

The set up:
My character (a dog) is one object with teeth & gums joined. Moving the jaw/mandible with a bone.

I’ve tried:
I’ve seen similar problems in threads here and other forums but they seem not to work for me:
(I can remember stumbling over a video with a solution to exactly this problem, but I sadly cannot find it anymore. Maybe somebody recalls that tutorial?)

I tried to move them either direct with my jaw-bone, a separate parented and/or constrained “teeth-bone” and each with relative or local transform settings… Nothing works properly and they start to split up and moving “slower” than the jaw.
And yes, I double checked the weight painting… I hope not having to work this out with drivers…

Or would you recommend to do everything around the mouth with shape keys anyway?

It would be nice to get some advice from you!
Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


¿Have you checked that the teeth have (more or less) the same group assignments as the jaw?

Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:

I did… And I tried to clean up with all the vertex group assignments… It seems that the teeth vertex group has a different pivot to rotate, if that is even possible…?

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