Double Scroll Roll Up

I have a double scroll like thing i want it to open, such that you can begin to see the writing on it. Is there a way is there a way I could get the effect of scaling along the x axis without squeezing the letters together. Or could how would I do a double roll up scroll, without having to cut it in half. Also on the ends are a case so one wont be able to see the thing actually rolling up therefore is there a way I can fake it rolling up like scaling in x axis without it being compressed together. Let me know if I need to clarify.

Here’s an idea. Go ahead an use scaling, but instead of mapping the texture using UV (it would stretch with the scaling), try projecting the texture onto the scroll sheet using a Spot Lamp, and set it to operate only on the layer with the sheet. The image would be revealed as the sheet scales if you set the Spot to fit it when its totally “unrolled.”

Thanks, I forgot to mention im using cycles, I guess I’m going to have to use a curve modifier but how to I have it roll up from both sides without splitting it in two?

Bumping this*

If you really feel the need to bump this thread at the very least give some actual useful information. You haven’t supplied any screenshots or images showing exactly what you want to achieve or any current blend file. How do you expect anyone to be able to help if you deliberately make it as difficult as possible for them.

I cant upload the.blend file because it is for a client, also I was instructed to not to describe specific details about it. It is a product animation and my client prizes the product’s innovation therefore wants to minimize any competition until my client has released it. My client has a patent for one aspect and I believe is patent pending for another aspect of the product. I understand you frustration; I will try again.

Picture a scroll that rolls out from the center. I have achieved this effect by having two curves and planes from the center. Now how would I do this without have two separate planes? Thanks in advance.

Here’s a blend file:
example_Double_Roll_Up.blend (420 KB)

The method I described before should work just fine, if you know enough about the Compositor to combine renderings from the two different engines you’ll need to use. It’s not always necessary to do things the obvious way.

Im sorry I’m not to familiar with the compositor; however, I think I can figure it out. Yes it is good to be different. I’ve got it to work now!