double sided faces in 2.5x


how do i turn on double sided in the new blender? i know, theres a check box in the object data
panel and it’s turned on but nothing happens :S


Hi, as far as I know, that’s never really done what it seems like it should do. :rolleyes:
To get an object to have two-sided faces, you can just go into edit mode, select all faces, and unwrap them - u. If you are using GLSL, this won’t affect anything important, but if not it will mess up the textures, i think. after that, just select every face you want to be double sided, and check the “twoside” property that now appears at the bottom of the editing panel.

You mean Two-sided faces in the BGE, right? To do that, unwrap a UVW-map and look for the checkbox in the Edit panel (in Blender Game rendering mode, at the top of the screen).

EDIT: longnose beat me to it.

thats it, thx :wink:
it only assigns the two sided to the active face. do i really have to assign it to every single face by hand??
is there a way to copy the attribute from the active face to all other selected ones?


How about switching to a one sided face? I have an object that has a normal facing in the correct direction, but it renders two sides. It is UV mapped but I only want to see it from one side. How do I get the backside to be invisible?

lampadi: That’s one of the features of 2.49 that simply hasn’t been put into 2.5 yet. If it’s really that bad, you could always use 2.49b to do it, then save it and load that in 2.5.

MiD-AwEL: That shouldn’t be happening, assuming you’re using the BGE, not the rendering engine. Make sure you have ‘twoside’ disabled in the editing panel, and that the back side is indeed what you are seeing.

ok…thx for your help

I don’t know if this is the same as Longnose and solarlunar suggested but this is what I was taught.

longnose: If I have understand it correctly it is in 2.57 but as an add-on. It’s should be included so it is just to go to user preferences and turn it on.

Ok, your right. GBE displays correctly =)

Is there a way to fix this for the rendering engine?

Thank you.

I dunno, you should ask the people in the rendering section of the forum.

Please accept my apologies. I just searched to see if anyone else had asked this question before me and this was the only close match. Thank you for you help.