double sided faces problem

Hi, Ive got a problem. I am a noob, so i think that it has a simple solution. Ive created two pieces of object(a head and an ear) wich i want to join together. BUT i found out that one of the pieces is inverted - the outer side of face (when double sided is turned off it`s black) is on the inner side. when i turn double sided on, everything looks great unless i join (merge tool) them together. Ugly shades apper and it looks weird. Thanks for help.

In edit mode, select all verts (A Key), press Ctl+N to recal normals outside. I hope that is what you are asking.

It works! Thanks!

By the way, welcome to elysiun!

Just a suggestion, the little search link at the top of this page is a good place to start when you have a question. It does produce a lot of hits that may be irrelevant to what you are looking for, but I guarantee there will be at least one thread with an answer to your question.

Have fun, and .blend on!

Well, i tried to search already, but results were, aehm, weird. I couldnt find a thing… . But thanks for advice.

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If the head guys of elysiun decide to change the forum from phpbb to vbulletin, searching will be much easier.