Double sided faces

Hello there,

Well, i’m kind of new to blender and 3d modeling in general… I think im doing kind of “fine” ,despite the fact, that im not on an University for programming or 3d modeling or anything similar(it’s just my hobby). I’ve only taught myself using video tutorials and now i’m kind of finished with modeling my first character. (which is suposed to be a main character for a small unity game, i want to program), but now im facing a problem i dont find any video tutorials for. I’ve thaught, that it would be a good idea to use double sided faces for the hair… and i wanted to give the coat a “riven” look at the end, but i thaught it would use up to much vertices to do that so i wanted to do it with double sided faces aswell… im sure i’ve seen that in a lot of games before… that they use textures insted of modeling it for complex parts such as or in minecraft the grass and plants for example they’re just one plane but on both sides textured.

To summarize it up, i just want to know how to add double sided faces with the same texture on each side(but inverted of course). I don’t want to use differenct textures.

What i’ve already found is that i could just duplicate the faces and invert them but that would give them an ugly effect which i dont want…

by the way i want to use Unity 3D 4 for my game

heres my model:

oh and i would appreciate any critique or help with modeling aswell!

thanks a lot mates!!!

This thread may be better in the texturing area but I’m not sure. Anyways, just texture one side and it will show up on the other side as well.

oh really? are you sure? in blender it doesnt look like it :s

Hi! Sorry for digging out such an old thread, but I didn’t want to create a new one.

I was playing around with a model of Lightning from FFXIII. I noted that her cape isn’t quite wrapped how I want it to be - how can I make a texture wrap on both sides of a mesh, if it’s a plane? The mesh of her cape is wrapped on the whole texture, but the texture always only appears on one side of a face.

hey im not sure if thats waht you are looking for but try to flip the faces of the cloak and if you want something to be displayed on both sides duplicate the face and flip the direction of the normals but this one is kind of tricky and tend to cause bugs :s actually i dont know a real answer other than that you could try to add depth to the cloak so its not just a plane that would actually fix the problem :slight_smile:

hope i helped you at least a bit im a beginner though…