Double sided faces?

Is there a way to have a normal have 2 faces without duplicating and flipping the mesh?

There should be an option in the properties panel labeled backface culling, tick the box off if it’s on.

Not exactly what i was looking for trying to have 2 faces for a mesh like you get with a doublesided shader. But that button does help me to get all my normals facing the correct way.

Each face in 3D tends to have just one normal (though it can be edited by the normal edit modifier and/or perturbed by a texture).

If you need this for material purposes, then both BI and Cycles allows to have different values for the front side and the back side of a face (Cycles giving you access via the ‘geometry’ node).

in the object data panel, which is located in the properties panel, click the box that says ‘double sided’.
(edit) and if you want different materials on either side, there’s a node for that.

Ok thx guys i will try these out.