Double Sided Materials

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to have one material on the outside of an object and another on the inside? I’d like to put I silver material on the inside of the letterbox.

I see the double sided button in edit mode (F9) but can not work it out.

Cheers, Kordo.


Only if you have an “inner lining” of faces to apply the new material to.
A face can have only one material.
The Double Sided button allows an image texture to appear on both sides of a face.

yea to do that you will have a set of faces on the outside and a set of faces on the inside. If you only have one layer of faces what you could do is scale it down a very small amount along the normals (Alt+s) and you will an “inner lining” of faces and just apply a different material to it.

Thanks guys I was hoping that wasn’t going to the answer but I had a feeling it might. Such is life. Is there any chance they will have a double sided option in the next version?

Here’s hoping. Much appreciated for your help.