Double sided normals


If you select an object and go to the object data panel, there is a check box named double sided. This is supposed to be checked automatically (I think) but for me, it isn’t and I have to check it every time I add a new mesh. Anyone know how I can enable it by default?

If I forget and start extruding etc, the normals are always the wrong way around, and I have to either flip them, or check the box (it’s real annoying…)

I do remember a long time ago in like blender 2.56 or something installing a plugin which disabled two sided normals to help make a file I had run smoother, but that isn’t installed anymore, and obv im running the latest version of blender…

Any ideas?

Double-sided being activated by default caused a massive viewport performance drop on nVidia cards. That was the reason for the addon you remember and for subsequently changing the default behaviour to double-sided = off (a few versions ago).

Personally I much prefer the new default, as it makes spotting wrongly facing normals quite easy: They are instantly recognizable because of their darker shading.

BTW, double-sided only refers to shading. It does not change the fact that each face has only one normal pointing in one direction only.

Yeah I understand the normals only actually being on one side, but the shading thing is a pain in the ass. If I add a plane and extrude it downwards, the mesh is black and I have to recalculate before I can continue modelling. Just slows general workflow down.

But if it’s off by default these days, then i’ll just have to get used to it I guess :slight_smile:

Hm. So, you don’t like that you now can at least see that the normals are flipped? 'Cause they would have been either way and the issues possibly caused by this are exactly the same now and then…