double sided plane - no it does not work... in BGE

Maybe i’ll make an ass of myself, but after going through the threads, I can’t find a way to have a double sided plane (normals on both sides ?, yes?)

The render is ok

but in game mode, no way!

Last test:
1- Make a plane, don’t touch anything -
2- Test it - go to play mode - Yes I see it!
3- make it spin on itself - &?%& NO Now you see it, now you don’t :-((

ok what’s this about an apricot build because 2.47 main release can’t alphas something or other on it (what alpha, I don’t have any &?%&*%? alpha!)

4- Go to graphicall, get last ALL OS build same test, same result!

I’m going in make a game in 12 weeks mode tomorrow, and if we have to abandon plane for flat cubes, i’d rather know before all our assets are made.

(Sorry if I sound wind-up, I am, it’s not your fault - I just want to have a success with Blender, and not get told " Yeah, you should have gotten Hammer like normal game dev teams do, instead of bLENDER (whooooo!) !" )

HELP ( I just to know IF it works, or if it doesn’t !!!)

PS Any other pitfalls I should be aware of ??? (getting my models from 3DS Max by way of OBJ format, and armatures and actions by way of 3DS Max 2 FBX to Motion Builder 2 bvh format 2 Blender, where we reparent the stuff…)

PPS Yes, I know i’m a bit crazy …


Go to edit mode on the plane. in the edit buttons add a UV texture (under the mesh panel), select its face, hit ctrl-F for the face specials menu, click face mode set, and in the menu that pops up select twoside and click okay.

that should fix your problem.

Select an active face, then select all the faces you want two-sided. Unwrap(U) them in edit mode, then in the texture face tab under Editing(F9), check the TwoSide button and then in 3d window hit Ctrl+C and click Active Mode. =P

Edit: Daaamn you Enneract! Beat me to it. Oh well, more than one way to do something =)

I was just wondering… What is this project you’re working on?

Really people, I thank very kindly !

I couldn’t have guessed that answer…

Cranks up my confidence in Blender another notch :-))

To James XVI - It’s a game school full-time, 12 weeks-to-do-a-game-in-business-pipeline mode, for 15 modelers, 7 programmers, and in-class animators…

I want this to be a useable game for 6 years + kids in elementary school level, base on a series of mini-games, built around a “discover your province across geography and history” theme to save a time-travelling extra-terrestrial family that had to jump there when their spaceship was about to be blown to bits! (in a nutshell!)

I would also like to say thanks jmdeschamps for posting this question cause I was also having this problem this will save me so many polys and thanks people for answering

I’m sorry, but the second solution don’t seems to work. The first works well! Thank you!