Double sided wrapping paper for my early xmas box?

Is there a method for doing a double sided material?
IE Id like to have a bright blue material on the “outside” of the wrapping paper whilst the inner side stays a specular white.

not right now you can’t.

you can duplicate the object and scale it down though.

How does scaling my wrapping paper down help?

Create your paper. Duplicate the mesh and press esc.
You now have two identical meshes on top of each other. Enter edit mode with one of the meshes selected. Select all the verts and press Alt-s (shrink fatten) numerically enter 1.001 for the value. exit edit mode. You now have two parallel meshes very close to each other. Give each a material and render. If you get z-fighting try setting the clip start and end of the camera so it just encompasses your scene and/or increase the value given to the alt-s command.