Double Tap to Run/Sprint

So I’ve been trying to make an animation walking speed for my game but failed, like usual…

Before you ask, yes. I’ve watched the Tim3ster’s tutorial.

What am I trying to accomplish? So in some PC games, I’ve played. I realize when you press the up arrow, you’re walking. But when you press up arrow simultaneously, the player moves faster. How do I accomplish this?

press up------------and-------movement(in hitbox)walk
not press shift–/___-------animation(in armature)walk

press up-----------and---------movement(in hitbox) run
press shift-------/___-------animation(in armature) run

in logic bricks

I was trying to make it so you walk normally but a bit slow when you press up. When you start constantly hitting the up button, the player walks faster and starts to jog. I was wondering how to do that.

I see what you’re going for but not what I wanted.

with a property
double w is running.blend (456 KB)

or you can use states or python, above example is pure bricks using 1 property.
expand it to add as much steps as you like.

Thanks, this seems useful. The only problem is that it’s a bit cluttered and unorganized. Is there a python script perhaps?

Is there a python script perhaps

Nah sorry, this is all you get :slight_smile:

you can remove the double sensor and connect the one left with the and of the one you removed

1x property 2x and 1x motion is needed for each step, remove the double as said above then just copy that setup.

to me this seems like a clumsy mechanic. i prefer a toggle to walk/run.

doubletap.blend (1.14 MB)

it should be easy to tag an animation to the “RUN” property when the the W key is pressed.

How do I apply a walking animation(for a rig) in the script?

to me this seems like a clumsy mechanic. i prefer a toggle to walk/run.

explain clumsy? the double brick in there? removed it. and if you mean bricks in general are clumsy, thats true i dont like bricks either, i just made it with bricks because TS and 90% of the people here don’t even know python.

my one property is acting as state, you can set it to walk instead of 1, set to jog instead of 2, set to run instead of 3, etc

MECHANIC, not method. having to double tap to run as an action to perform when PLAYING the game.

im my OPINION, i dont like it.

nothing of what i said had any implication of logic bricks, or that i was even talking to you, Cotaks. sorry for any misunderstanding.

Ah ok, sorry and np, i indeed thought it was meant for me.

So, back on track. How do I make the animation play within the script?

you need to add:

armature = own.scene.objects[‘your armature’]
armature.playAction(“animation”, “start frame”, “endframe”)

at the places where he walks and or runs, or write a few lines more to seperate it from each other, and i would put it into functions instead of using it in the script way.

So far it hasn’t worked.

Note: I’ve successfully edited the script so it uses the up arrow and not the w key.

Here’s the script. I’m not too sure what’s wrong it.

from bge import logic, events

owner = logic.getCurrentController().owner
scene = bge.logic.getCurrentScene()
armature = own.scene.objects[‘PlayerRig’]

move = 0
delay = 10
cool = 10

key_none = logic.KX_INPUT_NONE
key_active = logic.KX_INPUT_ACTIVE


## Tap Counter ##
if UPARROWKEY == key_tap:
owner[“TAP”] += 1
if owner[“TAP”] >= 2:
owner[“TAP”] = 2
owner[“TIMER”] = 0
owner[“RUN”] = True

## Double Tap Timer ##
if owner[“TAP”] == 1:
owner[“TIMER”] += 1
if owner[“TIMER”] > delay:
owner[“TIMER”] = 0
owner[“TAP”] = 0

## Move ##
if UPARROWKEY == key_active:
armature.playAction(“PlayerWalking”, 1, 9)
move = -0.06
if owner[“RUN”] == True:
move = -0.2
## Reset Walk Cool Down ##
elif UPARROWKEY == key_none and owner[“TAP”] == 2:
owner[“TIMER”] -= 1

if owner[“TIMER”] < -cool:
owner[“TAP”] = 0
owner[“TIMER”] = 0
owner[“RUN”] = False

owner.applyMovement((0,move,0), True)

owner = logic.getCurrentController().owner
scene = bge.logic.getCurrentScene()
armature = own.scene.objects[‘PlayerRig’]

you use owner so change own to owner
and if you added scene for the line i gave you, you dont need it.

own or owner in this case can define the scene where it is at.
so own.scene grabs the scene where the object is located.

Are you talking about the one on the armature? I changed that one and still nothing.

please open console and check errors.

yes i was talking about changing:

Alright, that’s what I did. Same result…

oke and what errors popped up in the console?

tested the play action works here so something else is wrong try adding the other command like the eaxample below, maybe it needs to define the layer and others as well. but first check you console on errors.

        # name, start, end, layer, priority, blendin, mode
        armature.playAction('aiming_with_'+own['carry_weapon'], 0, 30, 0,  2, 0, 0)

#just my test example

So this came up…