"Double tap to run?"

I’m making a platformer and I’ve been trying to make the player able to sprint by double tapping left or right. I’ve been trying tons of different ways. One was to make a property that changes to 30, once it does, it goes back down to 0 each frame, giving the player half a second to tap the same key again. It sounds complicated and should work, but doesn’t. If anyone had a different way, that would be great It’s for a school project so help would be awesome :smiley:

State system?
Have your character set up so that once hit a button, it both moves it and changes it to another state. In this state, the character is always moving and has a delay sensor to switch it back to state one after a few frames. But if you press the same button again within this time limit, however, the character goes to a third state in which its moves forward at a greater pace…When you’re not pressing the button in this third state, you go back to state one (click the “inv” in the keyboard sensor)…

Whoa, o-o I made a test blend and it worked perfectly. I’ve never really heard of this system or tried it. I can think of some amazing things I can do with this like fighting combos and stuff :D. Thanks man you helped me a lot. :slight_smile:

Now I just need to integrate it with my original setup _