Double the Trouble, a school assignment and a pilot episode

i’m aware the technical issues in the video, i’ll have to find a better video codec that’s lossless, and i already know about the glitch with the light at the end. but if i’ve creeped you out with this video then i’ve succeeded.

please give comments weather they be pure hatred, love/ constructive critiques , or just random rants about bunny rabbits its all good.

if youre interested in just hearing the soundscape(i don’t think it really counts as a song) it can be found here

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tell me what you think of this piece, don’t be afraid to tell me it sucks if you think it sucks, if you like it tell me, if it bores you then write it in capitals letters because that’s the worst thing a movie can possibly be

Mouse guy is creepy indeed. It’s hard to tell what he’s saying though. It succeeded in being generally creepy, but I don’t really know what went on from watching it once either. You should work on that.

Weird little animation. IMHO you should wotk a bit on the fundamentals of the animation. Now it looks like stop motion. It lacks the fluidity that we learned to expect. Also, the soundtrack was hard to understand. On the other side your ‘Capstone Final’ looks much better, but also has its shortcomings.

@ ristesekuloski, happy to hear that you checked out some of my other stuff. Some of the stop motion feel was intentional, like the way the head was turning back and forth, but yea i do agree that i have quite a soft under belly when it comes to the principles of animation. i know them in my head its just a matter of translating it to the app. =)