Double twist on Empty

Is it possible to multitask one empty:
- rotate the Empty to turn a door knob (on the X-axis 90 degrees)
- then continue to turn the Empty to open a door (on the Z-axis 95 degrees)

thank you

Since Empty would need to be on two pivot points at once - one for a knob and another where a door hinge would be - most likely the answer is “no”.

You could look at doing this with either drivers or using constraints.
With constraints you can use atransformation constraint

For the knob you could transform the empty rotation from 0 to 90 degrees on the y axis to the knob rotating 0 to 90 degrees on the X axis and transform the empty rotating from 90 to 180 degrees on the Y axis to the door rotating on the z axis 0 to 90 degrees

You could animate the knob rotating and the door opening and drive that animation with the Y rotation of the empty

Thank you for your help.
I used Richard Marklew’s suggestion and it did the job.
Thanks again