Double whammy

(saluk) #1

Updated my site with a new release of level editor (release 3 final) and the first ever release of rogue.

Not much to do in rogue except walk around the maze, but it’s mostly a tech demo to see if level editor levels work alright in a game.

Not very much is obviously new in level editor, except that saving and loading works. I’m like, 99% sure that I quashed the bug that would result in pieces of the level disapearing forever. So, this is a very good release. I also included the rogue tileset so you can play around with that, and the default level (the one that loads if you don’t save over it) is the same level that the first release of rogue uses.

Have fun, test out level editor some more, keep me posted on any more bugs; hit me with ideas, etc.

And if anyone wants to help me with models for rogue, I’d appreciate it.

Till next time…

(joecool) #2

Hey that’s cool! and you made all that with the editor? excluding the person, of course.
I think you are actually a little low to the ground, maybe you are a kid?
I don’t know about others, but I prefer using the arrows to move…but that’s just me.

(S_W) #3

And I prefer using the mouse… :wink:

Great start of your game saluk!
Perhaps I’ll find some time and make a sweet little spider for it :wink:

(joecool) #4

yeah mouse is cool. I think a mouse would be cooler than arrows, but if you were going to use the keyboard, go for the arrows :wink: