Doubleclick LMB sensor?

Dear gamers and other serious people,

Am I missing something here?
I’m designing a walkthrough with several scenes based on Blenders template.
To look around you have to hold down the left mousebutton, which is allright by me. Holding down the LMB also makes the cursor disappear (even better).
Now I’d like to go to another scene by a single or double leftmouseclick on an object and this causes some problems; by simply looking at the object (when holding down the LMB) you pass over it with the invisible cursor and away you go…
Does anyone know of a way to avoid this? I thought of a LMB doubleclick but I can’t seem to figure it out.

A big thank you in advance


The way I would handle this is to have the double click hooked up with a timer so that you could set the sensitivity of the double clicking, the speed. And since that’s as clear as mud, I’ll explain…

Have a property called…click. This will detect if you’ve doubleclicked.
For each click of the mouse, “click’s” value must increase by one.
Have a timer property that will decrease the value of “click” when it reaches a certain value.
Now, on your object, property click must have a value of 2 (you’ve doubleclicked and the timer hasn’t decreased it any) and the mouse must be above the object.

Hop this helps and doesn’t just confuse! :-?

Thanks Clean3D for your answer, it set me thinking in a direction that lead to a solution. It’s a bit messy but it works:
I added a (int)property called “click” with a value of 0. A mouse leftbutton sensor and a mouse over sensor linked to an And controller make the value of “click” raise by 1 (through a property actuator). So now I added a property sensor which sets the scene when the value of “click” equals 2.
Still there was the problem of 2 “cursor-invisible” passes over the object that also made me go to the next scene. To solve this I added an inverted mouseover sensor that assigns a value of 0 to the click property.
I know its a bit far-off (?) but I’m pretty new to this all so I have to use miles instead of meters to get somewhere.
See you…