Doubled smoke/fire on render resoult

I’ve got strange problem with smoke smilation. In view port I see everything like it should be, but while rendering I get strange resoults. Fire is doubled on the other side of the domain (slightly deformed or from other frame).
I don’t have other modifyers on object with particle or domain. Any ideas ? I can make that again and maybe whitout problem, but’s better to know why things happen in case future problems :wink:

Here is the link to screenshot:

Smoke is generated as texture. So it’s beheave as any other texture. You have to setup texture as Clip.
(Texture > Voxel Data panel > Extension: Clip

I have two textures assigned to the domain, and both of their extensions are set to clip, but You’re right that is something wrong with texture. When I change between clip, repeat and extend, nothing happens.

. . . maybe post me the file.
But it can be also a bug. Once I had a file with offset texture even though all axis were zero and origin was in a center. Even though I deleted domain and placed a new one (with new smoke calculation) was smoke texture with offset. (Relatively easy to fix but it’s not a solution.)

Here’s my .blend file. Particle time and smoke resolution are smaller to bake faster, but problem is still there. I don’t know why file Is still around 20 MB even without baked and packed things.

Between paste and all is space, please delete it, because forum was blocking link.

Most strange thing is that second doubled fire/smoke looks different, not like copied.

  • i will look closer
  • copied fire can looks differently because of angle view

OK, try to place a default cube (as Domain), change a size by scaling in OBJECT mode. Don’t apply scale function Ctrl+A

(You can scale Domain (Cube) in Edit Mode too, but only whole vertecies in all directions. I mean if you set back Scale to 1/1/1 in object mode, Dimension has to be a cuboid)

Ahhh thanks! It’s probably because of that I was messing around with vertecies in edit mode not in object mode. Good to know that because I would probably always make the same mistake :slight_smile:

Yeah, I did the same mistake. Usually if you work with textures and “object scale” (Ctrl+A) is not apply to 1, texture is deformed. It looks like smoke texture works differently.

Mostly I did two of these mistakes:

1 - smoke was rendered with offset

  • be sure if an origin of domain is in a center

2 - texture was duplicated in render

  • scale domain only in object mode
    (in edit mode only in all axis)

tested with versions 2.5.3 (31302) so maybe in a future it will works differently

Good luck :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Strange thing with that smoke, but It contains a lot of other strange things like moving domain that provide really unpredictible resoults, hard to anticipate resoults of mixing particle system with smoke system and probably other stuff. I hope with official release of blender 2.5 there will be a full manual of things like that and we won’t have troubles at all :slight_smile: Thanks for all your replies and time that you spend on them !! :wink:

The manual? You’re posting in it!