Doubt about GTX 780 Ti benchmark

Hello! I was reading this article

and noticed the discrepancy between the iRay and Octane results (between Titan and 780Ti) and the Blender Cycles results. Can somebody explain why the 780Ti doesn’t achieve better results with Cycles than the Titan? The only reason I can suppose is the use of double precision in Cycles (which is semi-locked in the 780Ti), but I’m not aware of this. Are there other possibile reasons? Or there is an error from the executor of the benchmark?


The reviewer did not optimize the tiles settings.
on page 69 and 70 of the BMW benchmark thread the tomshardware review is talked about.

You will also find my benchmarks there done with a double and single GTX 780 Ti.

In my opinion is due to the fact that he used blender 2.66, which uses the old cuda. Probably with the lastest version results would be in line with octane’s.

Was your time 20:34 seconds? Was it with single or double GPU?
Why did you used 512x256 and not 256x256?


In the same thread 6 posts down you will see some more tests with various tile settings and single and double GPU active.

Once again, Tomshardware fails at properly benchmarking Cycles. When they benchmarked the Titan, they adjusted the tile sizes, when they benchmarked the 780 they didn’t (even though they claim they did) and now with the 780 Ti they don’t mention tile sizes at all (but they didn’t adjust them, either).

Those are the results you get when running the Cycles benchmark with the stock Mike Pan blend file, where the tile sizes are not optimal for GPU utilization in newer Blender versions (because the tile size calculation has changed). Don’t trust Tomshardware for benchmarks, trust the community.

Also, Cycles doesn’t use double-precision and likely never will.

I hope there`ll be the rumored 6Gb version though I doubt it because it would make Titan irrelevant.

Thankyou all for responses!

The 780 is only marginally slower than Titan but THG is and was a POS-site.

Titan is some ~10% faster than a standard GTX780, Ti is 10% faster than a Titan with fully unlocked GK110 like the new Quadro cards. That`s about 20% increase in performance over standard GTX780.

so does 780ti beats titan in cycles?

It does. And it`s cheaper but Titan has 6gb of vRAM.