Doubt about 'limiting move behavior' with pathfinding

Hi people, sorry my dumb question ^^’

Right to the point: is there a way to force the steering actuator to only follow the shape of the edges in the navigation mesh? (Ignoring the faces and short-cuts)

If possible, will be really useful here!! xD

As always, sorry my bad english

what about a nav mesh that is only those paths?

will be imprecise ^^’

the object really needs to follow exactly the lines (when obviously each vertice will work like a node) to reach the target (who only can be created in determinate areas, up on the lines)

the true is that I actually need a ‘not so good’ path finding xD

I’d like to know this myself.

As a workaround you could do the following: (If you are aiming for some kind of board game without physics)

  1. Make a relatively thin grid as BluePrintRandom suggested with crossings on whole blender units.
  2. Read out every single navigation point from the navmesh (*)
  3. Round the values to get exact blender unit points
  4. manually move the steering object from point to point

Steering Actuator (navmesh):
Navmesh (getPath):

thank you for the reply =)

seems that this option could be really useful for grid based movement :wink:

but my programming skills are really poor, I do realize now that what I want is not just something that can be switched on and off, but a complicated feature, I will need to change the path finding algorithm to achieve what I want, right? ^^’

well… back to the drawing board ^^