Doubt about selling 3d models made with n-gons?

I am modelling using boolean workflow for hard surface. Until recently I was using quad modeling workflow, but now as I tried with booleans, I decided to acquire this skill as well.

My question is: As we know booleans create n-gons, and I was wondering are those models actually useful for any purpose and are those sellable?

People who often use this method, as far as I know, don’t mention retopology. Only downside, as I understood, is the fact that you are unable to deform triangulated n-gons?

It’s not that you can’t deform triangulated n-gons but rather that the tessellation/triangulation can be unpredictable so unless you triangulate the difficult areas manually or manually clean them up afterwards then you might have bad deformation in those areas.

Instead of triangulation you might want to try remeshing(auto retopo in a sense) with a tool that produces all quads topology.