doubt my power supply

Hi all I have installed on my PC, a power supply ORION /585 Wats /34 Amp

I wonder if it is ideal for a GTX 780


Hi, Nvidia recommends a 600 W supply so should be fine.
Depends on you system, if you have 4 hard disks, second GPU or so.
You can try a calculator like

Cheers, mib

:smiley: thank you very much

Muchas gracias mib2berlin

You be careful with the real Wattage of generic power sources. You should look at the box specifications, something like this:

You should pay attention to the 12V rail (carril) that is where the GPU takes power. On the previous page, the first example is 12V dual rail and second example is 12V single rail (I recommend single rail, but not very important). You should calculate the real wattage as follows:

PSUs from good brand and good quality makes the Wattage calculation mainly over the 12v rail/rails. You see in the examples that if you make the calculation considering all voltages, the result is greater than 600W and 700W respectively. But they mainly take into account the results of the 12v rail.