Doubt With Version.

Hi Friends,
I am using blender 2.52.0.
when i a going through one tutorial i noticed that that tutorial video follows
“Blender 2.52.2 r29670M”
Which version is newer. If mine is older how can i update.

I am followed that tutorial and find that there is some change of rendered out put. Is that due this version problem.

Thanks in advance.

You can get new builds from

i have download one build from and extract to a folder.
but when i run the blender ( /…/Blender\ 2.52.5/blender ) it shows following error…

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

How can is solve this…??

Your version may be a little old, but if you can still follow the tutorial without problems, don’t worry about it.

Blender 2.5.2 is still in the alpha stage of life. Rumor is that Blender 2.5 may have it’s first beta release this weekend, which would make a nice update point for you.

You can also compile it from the code repository if you’re up for that. If you’ve never compiled software before, though, you may find this difficult. I know progress is being made, as I keep seeing code updates, but on the surface, I haven’t seen any changes since I started compiling from svn a few weeks ago.

Waiting for Beta Version !!