created by Zoltan Miklosi

Amazing !
I like the cloth…

I agree…

WOW Zoltan… truly beautiful… now maybe you can tell us a little more detail on how it was made and maybe the inspiration for the piece. Was this all done in Blender? In either case it’s gallery quality for sure.

I have a mixed feelings…
When I look at the small picture I can see interesting face, intriguing clothes, nice composition and pose. I would say great… but when I look at the high resolution picture I have a feeling that it’s a low poly game character from few years back, lot of “flat” elements, dead eyes, antialiasing problems, strange lighting… I don’t know what to think.

I love her - I’ve been meaning to dig into a project like this - when I find that ever scarce time I suppose. Good job!

Very nice work

Great job on her outfit, I just find her eyes look a bit off. Could be just the angle.

That looks amazing! =D

Nice cloth. Great detail.

Is that a DAZ 3D Model .?

The facial topology looks like something they produced.

I am a bit divided here this work on its on is pretty good I would easily say 5*. But I have seen a lot of your work and I kind of feel you play it a little too safe at times. I know every artist has a style but I think this is a little too much to your formal. I would love to see something different from you a creature, an old man, an old woman but not another young lady. For the portraits perhaps more sculpting to start seeing more high frequency detail, particle hair instead planes with textures.

Its very good but something in my mind keep thinking you could push this a lot further.

To me you are just beeing an ***, this work is beautiful, but I agree with the eye thing, but the rest is close to perfect! ocngratulations



I guess I dindt understood what you said, or maybe you didnt understood what I said, for me your work is excelent I gave it 5 stars, actuallly I was defending your work because I know and I believe on those things that you just said, a realistic character like the one you did is really hard to acomplish and even harder is create that original style, you can say how her personality works just by look at her face.

Impressive, great work with the fabric. Thew colors you choose for this was spot on.