doubts about topology for animation with Shrinkwrap and Subsurf

Hi guys, I’m creating my first model for animation, I’m relatively new to this, I’ve looked for the best way to make a detailed and perfect topology for animation, but I have some doubts.

1: can animate with the Shrinkwrap modifier ? I don’t really think so, but I haven’t found anything about how to maintain the details, like the musculature and bone reliefs in the skin, all I find is for optimization in animation, there are some examples or tutorials to make a topology for animation keeping the details of the body ?

2: it is recommended to animate with the Subsurf modifier ? I have seen that there can be problems related to textures, but it would be convenient not to work with a mesh with few faces.

Yes, you can animate with shrinkwrap, but you have to animate the model you’re shrinkwrapping as well as the shrinkwrapped one. It will be annoying and slow. And you’re going to run into trouble for sure.

And yes, you can use the subsurf modifier of course.

In general, I think you’re being too ambitious. Rigs with muscle systems and skin simulation… almost nobody is doing them. It’s hard. I suggest you turn it down a notch. Fake muscles where it counts with sculpting tools and shapekeys. Revisit muscle systems when you’re more experienced.

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