Pure Blender 2.44.

Thank you for viewing my work,


Looks good! As with all abstract work it’s bound to get a lower score than your figurative work, but I think it works really well.

It reminds me of a really unpleasant Christmas…

well I like this
I think it has nice depth and complexity visually
personally it reminds me of a sea anemone for some reason rather than something minute or spore like but thats probably just me and the way my mind works :wink:
I like too the change of style/direction from the quasi symmetrical loops you have done recently
I ve heard of sowing the seeds of doubt - I guess this is something similar but native and latent in everyone?
sorry i’m not good at interpretations :slight_smile:

This is good.

A fantastic shader.
An O.K. subject, world, etc.

Very detailed, very complex, very good work.

I like it.

why you dont make more concrete things is puzzling for me. you have amazing compositing/unique blender techniques which deliver high quality renders… yet most of your works are abstracts which i find disapointing :frowning:

Please ignore those who lack appreciation for abstract works. I think this is one of your stronger compositions. Repeating a sentiment by cyborgdragon, I think that there is a huge problem in the 3D community at large, in that there is a massive bias toward figurative still-like type works, and away from abstraction.

Granted, it’s easy to do dumb, boring abstract works in any 3D package, which makes decent looking stuff like the above render that much better to see.

Awesome. I’m almost too scared to ask how on earth you did that.

I am still amazed at how you manage to pump these out with such quality so fast Robertt!

I feel as though I judged your last piece too quickly last time, so I gave this one more of a chance.
The title doesn’t give anything away as I don’t know what Doubtspore means. But, on a composition and technical level, this is an achievement.

The lighting is bold and demands attention on the subject. I spent a long time figuring out just the shape of it. The colours mesh together very well. It looks like a curled up sea bug only it’s made out of tiny venus fly traps. The background is fitting, in that it blends well with the subject, like theres millions of these things floating around in the background - out of focus.

I like this one better than the last, because there is more to think about. Abstract art isn’t really my thing, but this is above par. It depends on how you view art, how you brain comprehends things. I tend to view things as they are. Others (probably like yourself) view meaning behind it, and reasons. Although I am trying to train my brain to look deeper! :cool:

What has destroyed abstract art for me is when some people just slap some weird shapes together with a nifty renderer, and beg the audience to ponder what it is. When really they just couldn’t think of anything else to make because they lack ideas. Luckily this isn’t the case with you, because you’re pieces are usually very deep, and you certainly aren’t out of ideas!

I’d like an explanation on this, if you care to explain Robertt. What were your thoughts behind this piece? What does the splodgey shiny thing represent for you? Is it supposed to resemble something? Why is it called doubtspore? (Google brought up only 1 result. Guess what it is? ;))

To wrap up, keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t be afraid to branch out and make something completely unlike anything you’ve every created. In my books you are right up there with Basse and Andy.

You’ve been googlewhacked!

Robert, your an amazing blenderer, but get some sleep dear boy.

I like all the little faces tht are in it, how the hell did you put them in?

There are faces?

looks again

Well I’m not seeing the faces, but the whole piece comes across to me as a photo-realistic render of something you would find under and electron microscope. Though since that’s not technically a photograph, maybe photo-realistic is not the right term. Electro-realistic? :eyebrowlift:

This is where i see the most obvious faces, there are doezens of less obvious ones. I’ve no idea if they are intentional or not.

Sorry Robert for drawing blue circles on you work.:o

Thats a bit of a stretch don’t ya think?
I can’t see any faces. :S Maybe I just suck at recognizing faces.

eeewww!! i wouldn’t want to be near that thing! :smiley: (in the real world of course)
good work!

But it is a wonderfully evocative image. One can almost imagine such spores of doubt floating around, infecting one’s mind and causing a loss of confidence.

I have no idea what it’s supposed to be, but I like it just because it’s pertty.

And I saw faces in it too, I think those are just my eyes trying to find something inside of this.