Doug space scene

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hi my name is doug

this is my first real project ive done using blender or any other 3d program.
i’m just eighteen and was asked by a mate to do some animation for his movie at school. thought it was a good idea to learn how to do it.

i won’t change anything on this scene but any critisim is welcome as i may use ideas for the rest of the movie. ive got a bit to do. mostly battle scenes and designing new ships. i have three ships to design most scenes will be composites over live action. i will use all of this as part of my portfolio to get into design school.

i put my pictures here (thanks dm7 great website)
and if you want watch the movie but get the codec first

(BgDM) #2

I can’t beleive that this is one of your first projects. Way too good of a modeling job. Did you actually model those, or are they someone elses? No offense meant by that, but if you haven’t done anything before, then man, you are on hell of a modeller!

Excellent job!


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well actually i got the original tie fighter design off of

but because it was in 3ds format i had to fix it up alot as the conversion tool i was using was rather poor. crossroads sux.

i disected it and know every part of it, spent a few days fixing things selecting the sphere shapes and seperating them from other parts so that i could apply set smooth to the correct places. i learnt alot about modelling just by taking it apart.

i deleted all of the wings and designed my own, modeling them rather quickly compared to the fixing i did on the original.

i also spent a while working out how to animate using blender but i have it sorted now.

i think my contribution to the face count was 1/3 of the final about 30 000 polygons and i altered some of the other parts mainly around the wing conection areas

but if you want to know i could model that well if i had the time between my school work

i started modeling my own before i found his website i just felt i could save a bit of time.

all the other ships i’m modeling myself i’ll post a picture of the engine of one on the website. i might start working on the rest of it next weekend after i’ve handed in all my assignments.

keep blending

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Very nice,

I expecially liked the two engines in bottom row