Doughnuts in the Morning

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Doughnuts? Chocolate? Hungry?

This is something I threw together for fun. It’s the result of several working hours work and I’m close to calling it quits on this project. Let me know what you think of it. Feedback is much appreciated. As a side note I used Blender Guru’s Pro Lighting: Skies demo.


Lighting is ok. But the scene looks very empty, maybe add some ingredients standing around, a bag of flour, eggs, suggar, a recipe book etc.
The Bowl at the back wouldnt be able to stand like this, as well as the cooking spoon.
The glazing of the donuts look like plastic and very hard, and the Dough may also need some glossyness and texture, it looks like 100% diffuse.

Update 1:

I have made changes to the glazing and dough materials. Also, I am letting the wooden spoon rest in the bowl. I have also made some changes in the compositor.

If that bowl is supposed to be glass material, I suggest you check the normal direction. It looks kind of dark

Update 3:

have given the bowl a flat base as it is more realistic as well as letting the wooden spoon rest in the bowl. I’ve changed the amount of glazing in the bowl as well as tweaking the materials here and there to make everything look photorealistic. I’ve also added a bag of flour to make the scene feel less empty as suggested by strapazie.

I have been torn between two different colour gradings and can’t decide which looks better.

The second colour gradient looks maybe a touch too cold, I prefer the first colour grading with more red tones. I think it suits the subject matter more than the blue tones.